How to clean a concrete, stone or wooden patio

Patio CleaningYou have recently bought a house with a patio and now you are wondering how exactly you should clean and maintain it. If that is your case, don’t panic and keep reading because we have some very helpful patio cleaning tips from you.

Always start by removing the clutter from your patio. This means that you must throw away all the rubbish that is located on your patio and put in place all the items that are on your patio but don’t belong there. Next you must sweep or rinse your entire patio until all the dirt, dust, debris and leaves are removed from it. Now check you see whether any weeds are growing through your patio. If you notice weeds, remove them immediately. You can remove the larger weeds by hand and the smaller weeds with the aid of kitchen knife. You can also sprinkle salt or spray weed killer onto your patio to kill the weeds permanently.

If your patio is made out of concrete you can clean it by making your own cleaning detergent. Simply mix one cup of bleach with a liter of water into a bucket. If you don’t want to use bleach you can substitute it with brown soap but known that brown soap isn’t as effective as bleach when it comes to resilient stains and spots. Next dip a stiff brush in the bucket with the patio cleaning solution and begin scrubbing your patio. If you patio is too dirty, then pour your cleaning mixture onto the patio and allow it to sit for a couple of hours before you commence the scrubbing. Once you are done scrubbing rinse your patio with fresh clean water and allow it to air dry. The next day rinse once again your patio because sometimes bleach residue can be hard to remove.

Patio CleaningIf you patio is made out of stone instead of concrete then mix one cup of brown soap or soda crystals to a liter of water. Once your cleaning solution is ready, pour it onto your stone patio and start scrubbing. Once again use a stiff brush and scrub as vigorously as you can to removal all the stains and spots. Now let the cleaning detergent sit for about ten minutes and rinse your patio carefully with clean water.

If your patio is made out of wood then you should get a commercial wood cleanser and use it for the cleaning of your patio. Make sure that you read the usage instructions before you begin the patio cleaning. 

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