Home-made recipe for clean sinks

I definitely am not a fan of cleaning. Especially the deep-cleaning part where you cover every small area of your home. One of the things I used to hate cleaning was my sink. I knew I needed to do it from times to times but I always found myself postponing it because I hated it so much. Monster Cleaning, a cleaning company which I always book whenever I need extra help or I don’t feel like cleaning, told me a hack that I couldn’t wait and share with you (The gave me consent, of course). It completely changes everything.

Basically, it’s a recipe for a scouring powder. It only has three ingredients making it so easy to make. You need citrus peel (dried and ground finely), baking soda, and salt. This will remove dirt and grime so easily. And it also smells so good.


So how can we make it?

The ingredients you need:

Peel of one grapefruit/ orange (if you use orange, use a large one)/ lemon (use two large ones)/ clementines

Baking soda (2 tablespoons)

Salt (3 tablespoons)

Once you prepare what you will use

Take the peels and tear them into small pieces. Leave them somewhere dry and warm so they can dry quicker (I usually leave them beside my fireplace).

This process might take a day but it might take a couple of days. The peel needs to be hard and dry.

After that place them in a blender. You need to turn them in a fine powder. Add the baking soda and salt and place them in a jar. That’s it – you are ready.


How to use it?

The first thing you need to do is test it – that’s what you always do regardless of what you use. If you are happy – proceed with sprinkling the powder onto where you want to clean. Get a damp cloth and scrub the area. Add more powder if needed. Once you are content with the results – rinse it down.

This powder works great on ceramic sinks and toilets. For the acrylic baths/ showers or metal sinks – it can be too aggressive. If you need something more gentle swap the salt with a borax substitute. If you do decide to use borax make sure you really rinse it since it’s very hard to remove once it dries.

Where should I store my powder?

Keep it in a jar. You can use it for around a month.