Cleaning Myths That Are Completely False

There are so many common cleaning myths that people believe and do. I myself am guilty of doing some things on this list in the past but ever since I understood that they are myths and actually aren’t doing any good I stopped.

Don’t worry because I will tell you exactly what you should stop doing.

Cleaning With Bleach Is Effective

If I have to be honest in the past I used to think that cleaning with bleach is the most effective way I could deep clean certain items in my home. But it turns out that bleach isn’t even cleaning at all – it’s disinfecting but it’s not cleaning.

As you probably know the two are completely different things. Cleaning is removing dirt, dust, and impurities off of a surface while disinfecting is simply getting rid of the bacteria.

This is why you should be mindful of how and why you use bleach. If you are trying to remove grit and dirt from your sink or bathtub, for example, you won’t be able to do it with bleach!

Cleaning Windows Should Be Done With A Newspaper

This is a very popular cleaning method of cleaning windows, however, it’s ineffective and will actually leave streaks on the window as well as some ink from the newspaper.

And even if this hack was effective a lot of years ago it no longer works due to the material today newspapers are made from.

Dusting With A Dry Cloth

Dusting with a dry cloth is completely useless. When you really think about it all you are doing is dragging the dust which means that it will travel to your floor and other surfaces in your home.

In order to get rid of the dust properly you need to use a damp cloth – so that the moisture can trap the dust.

Cleaning Everything With Vinegar

If you are a huge fan of using vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner than you should know – there are a lot of things you should never apply vinegar on due to its acidity.

Never clean hardwood floors and marble/ stone countertops because the vinegar will damage them!

Ink Stains Can Be Removed With Hairspray

This is another cleaning hack that has worked in the past but is no longer effective. Why? Well, in the past hairsprays were made with alcohol. Now, they are alcohol-free.

And the only reason why hairsprays were able to get rid of ink stains in the past were indeed because they contained alcohol. So the next time you need to remove an ink stain just grab some rubbing alcohol instead!