Cleaning Mattresses and Rugs

Mattresses and rugs can be notoriously hard to clean properly if you are not using a professional company. Avoid frustration and risk of damage during cleaning with these easy to follow mattress and rug cleaning tips.

Mattress and Rugs CleaningMattresses – these tend to accumulate a lot of dust, mites and bacteria. In all instances you are better off using a mattress pad. This also makes cleaning much easier, here are the steps:

  • Wash the mattress pad separately. Do this in hot water, at least once every two months. Anti-allergic mattress pads can also be washed.

  • Vacuum the mattress itself using the vacuum’s wand or the upholstery attachment if you have one. Pay special attention to indented and buttoned areas where the most dust and bacteria accumulate.

  • Make sure to vacuum the mattress on all sides, if necessary get an extra pair of hands to help you with turning the mattress around and back again. This will improve overall hygiene and reduce cleaning frequency. Having said this, the more frequently you clean the mattress the better. Turning and cleaning the mattress on all sides will also reduce uneven wear.

  • Staining of organic and chemical origin usually requires specialised cleaning methods as homemade stain removal treatments usually do more harm than good.

Mattress and Rugs CleaningRugs – whether natural or synthetic if your rugs are stain and damage free, then you shouldn’t have too much trouble cleaning them effectively using these straightforward tips:

  • Place the rug face down on an old but clean bed sheet, do this on the floor. Vacuum the reverse side of the rug thoroughly. If your machine has a beater bar function use it at the lowest setting. Be thorough and don’t cut corners with vacuuming. When you are done with the reverse side flip the rug around and to the same to the top side.

  • If the rug is not heavily stained, you can dab at dirtier patches with a soft cloth dipped in warm water. Wring out the towel well and keep a dry one nearby in order to blot out excess moisture. Do this several times.

  • Grab a soft bristle carpet brush and dip it in fresh water, rinse it well and work it gently over the rug. This agitates the strands, exposes them to air and returns their suppleness or volume. The brush agitation will also remove any remaining dirt.

Removal of heavy stains from rugs and mattresses is best done using qualified help.