Can You Really Use Coca-Cola To Clean?

There have been so many cleaning hacks all over the internet where people clean their home with coca-cola. Can this drink actually get rid of rust? Can this liquid actually clean your toilet? Well, today I decided to put these cleaning hacks to the test and see whether they work or whether they are a complete waste of time!

Can You Clear Clogged Drains?

This hack is really popular and people seem to love it which is why I wanted to try it so much.

An ingredient in Coca-Cola is phosphoric acid which usually prevents mould and bacteria growth but it can also be used to break down natural substances like the ones stuck in a drain.

I read somewhere that the liquid should be at room temperature and that it won’t work if it’s cold so I followed those instructions and poured a bottle of cola straight down the drain. I let it sit overnight then I poured boiling water and it did seem to work!

Can You Clean Your Toilet?

This hack went viral a few years ago and I must admit that I have tried it in the past – however, I remember I didn’t quite like the results.

But I wanted to give it another try so I poured the liquid in my toilet and allowed it to sit for a few hours. It is said that the acidity in the cola will eat away the impurities and stains but once I came back an hour later I was introduced by a sticky mess in my toilet.

I spend way too much time scrubbing the cola and trying to remove it from the walls of my toilet. There are way better ways to clean your toilet so this cleaning hack is a no for me!

Can You Get Rid Of Rust?

Usually, rust is really hard to remove so I was really excited about this hack.

It is said that Coca-Cola can eat away rust which makes sense due to the acidity. I had a necklace which I wanted to remove the rust from. I soaked it in cola overnight and I was surprised to see that this hack worked. It didn’t remove the rust completely but I saw some improvements!